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Boat Equipment Suppliers

Type of products

Bow thruster gear boxes, waste water pumps 12v and 24v, small drive shafts, fuel filling caps

Type of machinery

Casting** – Pressure, Gravity and Sand, Gear Cutting, Heat treatment, CNC machining, Thruster tailpiece Testing dynamometer with pre programmable recipes, Anodizing**, Casting impregnation, Sand Blasting finishing, Shot Blasting equipment, small forging and Broaching

Experience in this field

Over 8 years supplying a leading boat equipment supplier, approx business each year USD 1.5 Million per year.

Equipment for Recreational Boats

We supply products over 1.5million USD annually to a leading brand in the Netherlands. We have a successful relationship spanning over 10 years.

Thrusters 25kgf thrusters to 285kgf thrusters. 12 volt Wastewater Pumps. A jointly developed product, now part of our regular production programme


Experienced Engineering

Experienced workforce from diverse fields of engineering & manufacturing.

Cost Effective Production

Manufacturing costs are among the lowest in India.

Maintain Confidentiality

We maintain strict control on sensitive information.

Customer Feedback

Great! Support and Special Care

The relationship which exists between Drrutec and Air-Trading has been going on for more than twenty years, that is not without reason. As a supplier to the Marine and Offshore business, it is very important to find partners that are reliable and supply continuous good quality. We see Drrutec as an important partner, partly because they recognise that development is the keyword to the future and is of great importance. Because of the good communication and open mind, the products develop every year and there is a continuous flow of new products. This helps both our companies to grow to a higher level.
Wim van Gogh

Wim van Gogh

- Owner - Air Trading, Rotterdam

Great! Support and Special Care

I have been purchasing internationally form many years, and would have to put them at the top of my list as to taking care of their customers. Through the years not only have we purchased their staple products but have also developed with them at least 150-200 other products that are particular to our market. I can honestly say that the developments were all completed well in timely fashion. We have flawlessly instituted those new products into our line. Regarding the quality of the products themselves- we have sold over 2 million dollars of the products and have never had one single complaint. That to me says something for a product line.
Tim Townsend

Tim Townsend

- Senior Manager - Gulf Marine & Industrial Supplies, Inc, Houston, Texas USA