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A leading Supplier of leisure and commercial boat systems is based in Schiedam, Holland and is known for its high end after market luxury boat equipment. With sales in countries world wide our client is a leading brand in boat equipment.

Our client was looking for a reliable manufacturer for their range of bow thruster tailpieces. They had just switched over the design to a more modern gear system and were looking for a new reliable manufacturing partner.
They then zeroed in on Drrutec as their manufacturing partner. The job needed expertise in manufacture of spiral bevel gears, of compact sizes and high torque transmission capability. These compact equipment needed a strong casing of bronze alloy and the reliability to work underwater in an harsh environment for the life of the product. The product needed to integrate well with different existing parts like the drive motors which come from various different manufacturers.

Drrutec took up the challenge, established the manufacturing processes, made prototypes all within the time frame and delivered. Also replicated the testing set up in the Drrutec facility.

Drrutec has successfully delivered over 6000 thruster tailpieces across 8 sizes. Thats 6000 pcs every year for the last eight years running, a total of over 48,000 tailpieces. We are happy to be associated with Drrutec.René van der Hoeven - Senior Engineer