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Vasai (E), Palghar 401208.


Over 40 years of Engg. experience

We are a group of competent engineers – ready to take on interesting and challenging projects Within our team we have years of experience in design – prototyping- manufacturing and delivering a product that ticks all your boxes.

Our factory in Mumbai, India has full in-house capacity for – forging – casting – machining – heat treatment – grinding – assembly and testing.

Strong engineering skill set.

We respect your intellectual property.  Our existing customers will be happy to vouch for us

Our workforce which is 45 strong consists of engineers/technicians and admin.


Who we are

Drrutec’s customers are OE customers looking for a quality and economical contract manufacturer of precise mechanical equipment. The company has been working with industry leading names such as Atlas Copco – India, Stromme – Germany and Norway, Hyundai – India, Novatek – USA  and many others.

Why Choose Us

With  a state of the art factory in Mumbai and a very enthusiastic and skilled workforce, Drrutec is looking to take on challenging contract manufacturing assignments.

We have an extremely skilled team of engineers and technicians. No job is too big or small for us. Eager to attack and solve any difficulties.

We comply with the ISO 9000:2001 standards. We are also CE certified. For some of our products, we have got explosion proof certification from Baseefa, hence adhere to high standards of production.

Our factory is located 35kms from Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, hence we have access to a large work force of experts. Also easy to reach from the International Airport.

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