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Drrutec Engineering Solutions is the contract manufacturing company that delivers precise mechanical equipment of choice for some of the top companies in various industries like maritime, construction and other custom manufacturing. We also cater to smaller and mid-size businesses looking for a manufacturing partner to help launch their great idea. Our association with existing customers are due to quality, better pricing and value added customer centric approach.

We also serve companies with our streamlined shipping equipment that has surpassed other competitors through its quality, brand name, better pricing and after sales support.

Boat Equipment

Boat Equipment

Bow thruster gear boxes, waste water pumps 12v and 24v, small drive shafts, fuel filling caps

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Chisels for Power Hammers

Chisels for Power Hammers

Chisels for small electric and pneumatic hammers, Road breaking hand held pneumatic hammers & Hydraulic Hammers

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Surface Preparation Equipment

Surface Preparation Equipment

Pneumatic needle scalers, Pneumatic scabbling hammers, walk behind scalers in electric and pneumatic versions, electric rotary de scaling hammers, Tile removal hammers etc.

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Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps

Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps

Casting**, Pressure-Gravity and Die in aluminium and brass, CNC machining, Hydraulic test bench for simultaneous testing of pump parameters - air supply pressure and volume, output fluid volume and pressure. Suction head measurement, etc.

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We invested our hardwork for companies just like you that insist on a timely contract manufacturing output.

Clients Choose us because...

40 Years of Experience

Our experience in mechanical manufacturing dates to more than
40 years.

Perfect Location

35 kms away from intl. airport & commercial hub of Mumbai. We are conveniently located.

ISO Certified

We have passed an in-depth set of assessments to achieve the honor of ISO-9001:2008 Certifications.

Confidentiality & Trust

We have years of association with our customers, maintaining strict control on sensitive information.

Competitive Costing

Manufacturing costs are among the lowest in India when compared to any other country globally.

Competent Team

We have competent & experienced workforce from diverse fields of engineering & manufacturing.

Our Clients Say...

We get high quality products for a fair price, with a worldwide network to be able to provide service all the way - there is nothing we can ask more than this.
- Wim van Gogh, Owner - Air Trading, Rotterdam
Regarding the quality of the products themselves - we have sold over 2 Million Dollars of the products and have never had one single complaint.
- Tim Townsend, Senior Manager - Gulf Marine & Industrial Supplies, Inc, Houston, Texas USA

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We have accomplished in achieving results through our technical expertise.

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It is our principle choice to hold ourselves to integrity and ethical standards.

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A proven track record of successfully committing & delivering solutions on time.

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Leisure & Commercial Boat Systems Supplier

Leisure & Commercial Boat Systems Supplier

Our this maritime client is known for its high-end after market luxury boat equipment.

Tank Cleaning Systems Supplier

Tank Cleaning Systems Supplier

This esteemed client is a dedicated cargo hold cleaning company in the marine industry.

Compressed Air Equipment Manufacturer

Compressed Air Equipment Manufacturer

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions.

Surface Preparation and Air Equipment Manufacturer

Surface Preparation and Air Equipment Manufacturer

An industry-leading manufacturer of heavy duty surface preparation and air filtration equipments.

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